Летопись Великой Победы

Сердцем и памятью

На территории нашей Республики находится более 40 тысяч захоронений времён Великой Отечественной войны, однако мало кто знает их историю, а тем более не может даже представить, что пришлось пережить нашим предкам.

Этим проектом мы хотим дать людям возможность узнать историю этих мест и окунуться в воспоминания солдат и свидетелей-участников войны.

The "Step into History" project is dedicated to the organization and conduct of military-historical reconstructions.

The first event took place on May 29, 2021 on the territory of the Brest Fortress. It was a large-scale military-historical festival. The program included a reconstruction of the battle, a thematic quest and demonstration performances. More than 100 reenactors from Belarus and Russia acted out an episode of the initial period of the Great Patriotic War.

Also, within the framework of the project, open history lessons are held in schools to study military history and the heroic past of their country, the implementation of military-patriotic education programs for children and youth aimed at countering attempts to distort the national military history of our country. Raising in children and youth a sense of pride and love for their Motherland and Fatherland, and strengthening the prestige of service in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

Conducting interactive thematic exhibitions, which present exhibits (models of weapons, military equipment, equipment, uniforms and much more) of the First World War and the Great Patriotic War with the participation of reenactors, which allows you to touch history.